deFOCUSed Claiming

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Project Description

The deFOCUSed algorithm produces tokens that correspond to FOCUS tokens. By using the same random hash as the FOCUS script as well as a new random hash that is generated when a deFOCUSed token is created, some traits match the corresponding FOCUS token, while others are specific to the moment a FOCUS owner deFOCUSes their FOCUS. The project is 100% on-chain, relying only on smart contracts to generate the token data, and the assets are rendered live in your browser into an animated SVG image.

For more information, visit Matto's site.

Example Tokens:

deFOCUSed 115
deFOCUSed 115

Notes about claiming deFOCUSed tokens:

Each FOCUS token ( project by Matto) has one deFOCUSed counterpart, which is a 100% on-chain / in-chain SVG erc-721 programmed by Matto.

deFOCUSed tokens are a free gift from Matto to FOCUS owners. (Thank you, collectors! - Matto)

The 'numbers' of the tokens always match: FOCUS x -> deFOCUSed x.

Only the current owner of a FOCUS token can claim the deFOCUSed counterpart, and this can be done from any wallet - there is no snapshot that ties a token to a specific wallet.

First, check if a FOCUS token has already claimed its deFOCUSed token

1) Connect to MetaMask. 2) Enter the FOCUS number in the field. 3) Click the button.

Note: this does not generate a transaction.

Web3 Status: Please connect to MetaMask.

Reminder: the deFOCUSed token can only be claimed by the current owner of the FOCUS token.

If metamask shows an error or reports that it cannot estimate gas, then you should not proceed. If you're connected with the account that owns the FOCUS you're trying to deFOCUS and you're getting an error, contact Matto.

Note: this does generate a transaction and it requries a small amount of gas, and you'll be interacting with the following contract. (best practice: check the address of the contract in your MetaMask approval dialogue).